The long tortures hours of filming are slowly come to an end when Tom gave his final 3 hr interview at his Boca Raton home.

We all had a blast with the European RTL TV Crew.

We want to thank everyone for the hard work and long hours they put in to this filming,

Here are some pictures from the behind the scene reality TV filming at Daouds Fine Jewelry super store in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

What are great and amazing family owned Jewelry business and Rolex watch store. We are only trying to show the best Florida has to offer to RTL TV crew.

Knowledge is Power

No job cab done wright without knowledge. While experience is the king and one trusts in his ability to handle screwdrivers and wrenches an new project can prove itself to be disastrous and costly.
Proper research prior to beginning of the project is a must. It will result in adequate planning and all the questions will be answered beforehand. “Measure twice, cut once” is always a good idea.
Nobody has all the experience and all the answers. Even the bona fide experts have to look something up or ask for an advice one in awhile.

We don’t want to leave our customers hanging because all of them are involved into projects of various difficulty from upgrading and repairing their Harley-Davidsons, to building custom chopper motorcycles. We have posted a number of instructions written by our knowledgeable crew right on the front page of our website. (Scroll down a bit and you will fond it). We have also posted a number of diagrams of various Harley-Davidson and custom components for you to use.

But we couldn’t answer all the questions even if did nothing but support. But there are specialists out there who can. And they write books! Books with instructions and illustrations. And we have lot’s of these books covering everything from maintenance of various Harley-Davidson motorcycle models, to painting, to building a custom chopper from the ground up. Even if you are not doing your own sheet metal fabrication or planning on setting up a professional bike shop yo will find something that relates to your bike and your project. So do yourself a favor and check out our motorcycle book collection right here.

Demon’s 114” Custom Engines are Better than Ever

"Demons" 114" engine built by Ultima is a great success. Now proven design is getting even better. 114 just came out equipped with a R1 Ultima carburetor (Ultima’s improved version of S&S Super G carb) and a custom air cleaner assembly of a new design.
Engine comes fully factory assembled (made in USA) and carries factory warranty honored by Ultima.

Available in polished and black finish

New Custom Wheels from Demon’s Cycle

New 48 Mammoth spoke wheels are finally here and as predicted become an instant hit. These tubeless wheels come in virtually every size,  fit and in chrome or powdercoated black finish. Rear wheels very form standard to custom 200, 250, 300 wide sizes. The front wheels vary in width, single or dual disc hubs and sizes go from 18” to 21” to new hotness of 23” These custom wheels look great on any Harley-Davidson and will not go out of style.

One more difficult day at the shop…

Stressful night, too much food, too much adrenalin and too many egos but so much FUN

First we went to have dinner at the new Marlins Stadium, so amazing, sick stadium, great service, awesome food, friendly staff, just awesome great game but we had to leave after first ining just to race over to the Heat Stadium in downtown Miami traffic, it was like a crazy car chase :) 7 min from door to door.

Then we watched Heat kick some Atlanta ass 
Great game, great people! Ended up sitting next to Cam Newton NFL Carolina Panthers quarterback. Nice guy.
Awesome game, great friends and yes too much food.

Back to work and diet today.

New Demon’s Cycle “El Diablo” Handlebars Combine Quality, Looks and Unbeatable Value

Demon’s Cycle Inc., a custom motorcycle builder and custom Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts supplier, is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of ape hanger handlebars. Called “El Diablo”, the new range offers style, excellent finish and high build quality but at 75% of the price of similar handlebars from Harley Davidson.

All El Diablo handlebars use triple-plated chrome parts and feature smooth hidden mounting hand controls, hidden wiring and, of course, chrome switches. The El Diablo range also includes handlebars which come fully assembled by a professional Harley-Davidson certified mechanic. These bars are ready to be installed on your motorcycle in minutes.

The El Diablo handlebars come in a number of different sizes including 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 inch. The 1-1/4 inch diameter bars have a center section and tip that tapers to 1 inch so that standard handlebar controls fit. For those who don’t like chrome, they are also available in black.

“One key way to customize a bike is to change its handle bars,” said Tom Steinbacher, owner of Demon’s Cycle. “The El Diablo range offers style and quality without cutting back on quality. Although there are several different styles of handlebars for Harley Davidson bikes, the truth is you

can’t beat the style and look of ape hangers, especially the ones from the El Diablo range.”

Ape hanger handlebars get their name because of the way they cause the rider to reach up to use them. Although some riders say they can be uncomfortable, it is almost universally agreed that ape hangers are more stylish for choppers.

We received a call late last week from a good customer (now our favorite customer) who invited us to the Miami Heat game at the American Airlines Arena as a thank you. Little did we know that what he had in-store for us were Front row floor seats. We were so close we almost asked the ref to get out of our way. I can’t believe he hooked us up like this. Best game EVER! Hope we can pay it back somehow. Thank you so much!